Data Science is a perfect combination of programming, analytical and business skills that allows extracting meaningful insights from raw and unstructured data. Data Science is a study which deals with identification, representation and extraction of meaningful information from data sources to be used for business purposes. Data Science Training employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science from the sub-domains of machine learning, classification, cluster analysis, data mining, databases, and visualization.

This is a complete Data Science Specialization training course from LevelUp. That provides detailed learning in Data Science, Data Analytics, Projects Life Cycle, Data Acquisition, Analysis, Statistical Methods and Machine Learning. You will gain expertise to deploy recommenders using R and Python programming, data analysis, data transformation, experimentation and evaluation.

What are the objectives of Data Science Course?

Data Science Certification Training is designed by industry experts to make you a Certified Data Scientist. The Data Science course offers:

  • In-depth knowledge of Data Science Life Cycle and Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various tools and techniques for Data Transformation
  • The capability to perform Text Mining and Sentimental analyses on text data and gain an insight into Data Visualization and Optimization techniques
  • The exposure to many real-life industry-based projects which will be executed in RStudio


What are the skills that you will be learning with our Data Science Training?

During this Data Science course, you will be trained by our expert instructors:

  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by a Data Scientist
  • Analyze several types of data using R
  • Describe the Data Science Life Cycle
  • Work with different data formats like XML, CSV, etc.
  • Learn tools and techniques for Data Transformation
  • Discuss Data Mining techniques and their implementation
  • Analyze data using Machine Learning algorithms in R
  • Explain Time Series and it’s related concepts
  • Perform Text Mining and Sentimental analyses on text data
  • Gain insight into Data Visualization and Optimization techniques
  • Understand the concepts of Deep Learning


Why should you go for Data Science Training?

The demand for data scientists far outstrips the supply of Data Scientists. This is a serious problem in a data driven world that we are living in today. Most of the organizations are ready to pay top dollar salaries for professionals with the right Data Science skills. This data science course will provide you with tall the skills needed to master Data Science along with Big Data, Data Analytics, R programming. All this means you can fast-track your career to make on more lucrative and promising job roles and take your career to the next level.

  • Data Scientist is the best job of the 21st century – Harvard Business Review
  • Global Big Data market to reach $122B in revenue by 2025 – Frost & Sullivan
  • The US alone could face a shortage of 1.4 – 1.9 million Big Data Analysts by 2018 - Mckinsey


Who should go for Data Science Course?

The market for Data Analytics is growing across the world and this strong growth pattern translates into a great opportunity for all the IT Professionals.

  • Developers aspiring to be a 'Data Scientist'
  • Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts
  • Business Analysts who want to understand Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Predictive Analytics
  • 'R' professionals who wish to work Big Data
  • Analysts wanting to understand Data Science methodologies



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